Guide to Adult Travel in Hong Kong.


The following report details adult travel in Hong Kong.  This report was originally submitted to World Sex Archives.


A Report by JustJoe from the Frontlines of Xeno-Sexuality

Hong Kong


This is the first report of my new series, which is formatted a bit differently from what you might be used to: it’s a mixture of traditional sex review you’re used to, with a little private sexual philosophy thrown in. This particular report is about Hong Kong, with pictures, but combined with a discussion about evolutionary psychology. Why? Because I’m bored with the straight sex reporting. As for the philosophy, my reports are going to cover a variety of topics, from the controversial field of evolutionary psychology, to alternative sexuality/spirituality practices, to understanding the nature of BDSM. In fact, I’m hoping the admin will post this report in its entirety in a new section called XenoSexuality or SexPhilosophy.

Now, this is going to take a while, so if you’re only interested in the field report, just go ahead and jump down to the end, where I talk about getting laid in Hong Kong. But if you keep reading, I’ll greatly appreciate it…

Before getting to the information about how to get laid in Hong Kong, I’m going to talk about trying to understand, through evolutionary psychology, why we want to travel all over the world to fuck women in different cultures in the first place. The goal of evolutionary psychology is to gain an understanding of these primal urges, determine where they came from and why we have held on to them. Could it be that there’s more to it than the search for ultimate variety or cheap thrills? Could we be driven by our genetics to do so?

Evolutionary theory says organisms are "designed" by natural selection to get their genes into the next generation. But that doesn't mean they pursue this "goal" consciously. For example, the impulse of lust exists because during evolution, individuals with genes conducive to sex, such as genes for lust, out-reproduced individuals with genes not conducive to sex. Similarly, during evolution, men who focused their romantic overtures on young-looking women out-reproduced men who focused them on old-looking women, and what’s more, had offspring with a greater likelihood of survival. So over the generations, genes conducive to an aesthetic preference for young flesh spread through the population. But, like lust, this aesthetic preference can accomplish its "goal" of genetic proliferation without anyone being consciously aware of the goal.

Furthermore, evolutionary biologists have traditionally studied the effects of sexual selection on the development of specialized signals that appeal to members of the opposite sex. In many species, the number of different mates that one sex can obtain is related directly and strongly to reproductive success, whereas this is less true of the other sex. In most mammals, the former sex is male, and the latter female (whose reproductive output is limited by internal gestation and lactation requirements). Thus, in most mammals, females are a limited reproductive resource for males, who compete to attract mates. Given this disparity, sexual selection pressures should have acted more strongly on the male intrasexual competitive abilities and the specialized signals appealing to female preferences than the other way around. Empirical evidence supports these predictions in many different species.

In fact, according to research, modern men are generally most attracted to women with big eyes, symmetrical features, a clear complexion, large breasts, long legs (for running?) and a 0.7 waist/hip ratio! It is theorized this is so because in the ancestral hunter/gatherer environment, these traits clearly increased reproductive fitness probably because they correspond to youth/fertility and good health overall, which are ideal for childrearing. It is theorized that the 0.7 waist/ hips ratio in particular is important because human infants have large heads as consequence of larger brains, so a "hourglass" figure is "proof" that a woman has genuinely wide hipbones for childbirth, and not just wide hips due to fat.

Modern generations then are supposedly the descendents of men, who favored such women in the past- those men who favored otherwise left fewer offspring etc., so this preference then is an adaptation. For example, men who favored older or sickly women would tend to leave less children since their mates had less child-bearing time or were less fertile and probably were less likely to live long enough to raise their children. So MOST men but not necessarily all men find such women the most attractive and this seems to be case, if fashion and porn magazines are reliable indicators.

But what’s the reason that we globetrot all over the world, and find women of other cultures (especially Asian) so delicious to fuck and compelling and addictive? Well, there might be a clue in something called a genetic diversification strategy. In general, inbreeding leads to less genetic strength than diversity. This is over and above the basic need for reproductive success by having sex with as many women as possible. Margaret Mead studied a primitive culture which periodically had one village raiding another to kidnap their women, bring them back and impregnate them. The raided village, instead of rescuing those women, would simply kidnap women from the marauding village, and impregnate them as well. Revenge is not the motivation, genetic diversification is. Maybe we’re driven by to foreign countries to fuck their women, not only because it’s fun, but also because we’re fulfilling some drive that much deeper. So maybe we’re not driven by only what’s in our jeans, but what’s in our genes.

I have a close friend who is Asian-crazy. He’s got Asian pussy fever so bad that he can apparently only get it up for a pretty Thai or Korean girl, and wouldn’t give Pamela Anderson a second look. Used to be I didn’t quite understand it, but now I’m in Hong Kong and watching all these pretty girls in walking around in the hot evenings wearing these high heel fuck-me shoes, and earlier today, I was walking behind this Hong Kong girl who just got back from the tennis courts, her legs all sweaty and I could see through her shorts to this perfect ass… well, I have the condition now too… as well as an erection. Man, all I wanted to do is fuck her silly. Here’s a picture of her.




Anyway, I’m sure there’s more to it than just thrillseeking. I now also completely infected with Asian pussy fever and I just can’t stop thinking that there’s GOT to be some meaning to this madness! Why? Why? Have you got any ideas?

Well, so much for my musings. Now let’s get to the fun part.

Oh wait, there’s one more thing. It should be noted that monogamous, romantic love between men and women is also considered an adaptation. That is long-term emotional pair-bonding is favored because human children are helpless when born and are ideally raised by two parents, which may take decades. I’m throwing this in here, just in case any militant feminists are reading this. (I’d like to maximize my chances for survival as well.)

The Hong Kong report

Hong Kong is divided into three sections: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon (mainland) and New Territories (combination of approx. 230 islands plus another chunk of mainland). The official languages used to be English and Cantonese, but since the takeover, the adoption of Mandarin has been both forceful and unrelenting. On the other hand, for us hobbyists, the torrential influx of poor Chinese women into the prostitution workforce has increased the likelihood of finding good sexual services at reasonable prices.

The first thing you should do when you get to Hong Kong is do the tourist thing of hitting Wan Chai. Just tell the taxi driver to take you to "Wan Chai, Joe Bananas." It’s a meet market. Gwei lo (the affectionate term for westerners) get to meet Chinese urban professionals (chuppies – btw, how can you tell that a chuppie HK girl just had an orgasm? she finally lets go of her briefcase) and more importantly, one of the 150,000 Filipino maids in the country trying to score a westerner. Be sure to dress up, because women here are selecting men on the basis of their economic strength, and clothes make a difference. The women who hang out at the bar are mostly pro's, mostly Filipinos, but there more and more Thai girls are coming to Hong Kong.

A word about hostess bars: Honestly, it’s okay to try one out, but don’t try to get laid through one. For the cost of the bar fine (the cost of checking them out, around HK$1500, and this doesn’t even include what you’ll have to pay directly to the girl afterwards, around HK$2000 or more), you could get laid in Mong Kok several times over. So if a hostess tells you she really likes you and wants to meet you afterhours, remember, she doesn’t really love you… this is just a way not to pay the bar fine. In general, hostess bars are scam city. However, there’s a good chance of getting a grope or maybe a blow job if you know what you’re doing.

The two other good ways to get laid are to visit the Mong Kok brothel, or going to a massage parlor, which uses the euphemism "sauna". Let’s start with Mong Kok, which I decided to explore during my last trip there.

Mong Kok is where the Chinese working man goes to get laid. There are saunas and karaoke bars and brothels galore. It’s an interesting mixture of corporate high-rises, street markets, karaoke bars, and department stores, there are as many reasons to be in Mong Kok as there are people on its streets. Of course, if you're at WSA, you're probably looking for a reliable way to get laid, so let’s just focus on the brothels. As someone on this board joked, the name of the city says it all: Mong COCK (and the joke is funnier for those aware that "Mong" is Chinese for "busy"). Sex is cheap here, and the Mong Kok brothels are frequented by locals seeking relief at prices south of the tourist trap massage parlors, bars, and saunas of Causeway Bay or Wanchai. Of course, tourists and gwei lo are also welcomed here, but abandon all hope communicating in English. I’ll teach you a few words that might be useful soon.

How to get there: Take the subway system, which is known as the MTR. On the MTR, Mong Kok can be accessed on both the Red Line (or Tsuen Wan Line) and the Green Line (or the Kwun Tong Line). It’s cheap, safe and speedy. Upon arrival at the MTR station in Mong Kok, proceed to exit A2 (Portland Street). Emerging from the exit, you will find yourself right in the middle of the brothel district. The street running from left to right is Portland Street. The brothels are usually marked by second-story neon tubes arranged in this fashion: IIIII> (with the arrow pointing into the entrance). Here’s a picture of what the street sign looks like…


From the MTR exit and looking in all directions, you can see about ten brothels. Don’t worry, there are about 100 others in this neighborhood. At the entrances are often handwritten Chinese characters on yellow paperboard detailing the price and girls available. Sorry, no English words can be found and no one at the entrances to welcome or solicit you. Here’s a shot of a typical sign that advertises women for HK$330 (about US$45).



Portland Street houses most of the brothels, but others can be found on neighboring Argyle Street, Nelson Street, Sai Yeung Choi Street, Tung Choi Street, and others. So once you walk up those stairs, what happens? Well, you meet a young man who explains what’s going on. He’s likely to say, "We have very good girls here. A number one girls. What you want, China girl or Hong Kong girl?"What he means is a recent arrival from New Territories or some local girl? My recommendation? Go with the recent immigrant. Here are a few words you can use (I’m only partially conversant in Cantonese):

"I want "ho leng" girl okay?" (Means "really pretty".) The guy will say, "Beautiful girl, okay."

If the girl he brings you is not good enough, you can say "Mm Duck!" (Means "no way!") He’ll bring you another one.

If the girl he brings is hot, just say "Ho Yeh!" (Means "good stuff!")

Some things to remember… these brothels are run by Triads. Be polite. If no one pleases you, say "Mm sigh! Mm sigh! Sorry!" as you are leaving. (Means "No thank you! No thank you!"). If you’re unhappy with your experience, NEVER get rude. If you get rude because she was ROB-like in any way, quite unlikely, a Triad enforcer will come over to scare the living shit out of you, okay? Just be polite but firm. Don’t EVER make a scene.

Okay, here’s the girl I got for my first Mong Kok experience:


Uh, this is what the shower looked like:


Here’s what happened. First of all, when I posted a recent gourmet sexual experience in Singapore, all sorts of posters accused me to being elitist and contributing to price escalation. So I decided to slum it. When I walked in, the receptionist gangster-in-training jumped up and greeted me warmly. The price was only HK$330, which is about US$45, for full service. Anyway, I immediately asked for a really cute girl, and he responded, no problem, sir, just wait in the room. He led me to a room, and turned on a little TV that was playing a pretty rancid Japanese bondage video with spider rope work, candle wax torture on her tits, followed by full penetration. The room was pretty small and depressing. I was waiting for a rat to run by, but I have to admit that it was pretty clean. About ten minutes go by, and a girl shows up. She was from the Mainland, and about as cute as I could expect. I mean, I wasn’t going to run into Zhang Ziyi here. Her name was Yuen Yuen, which means "round". Probably referring to her face, which was very oval.

Anyway, we started out in the shower, where she soaped and washed my torso, cock and asshole. When we got out, I got on the bed, face down and she started out with a very light massage, ending with a lackluster attempt at rimming, and then flipped me over and started sucking on my nipples to buy herself some time. She spoke only Mandarin, which I can do a little of, and we got along. We chitchatted in a mixture of Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Oh, the most interesting thing I learned is what a handjob is called in Mandarin: "da fee gee". Meaning "to shoot down the enemy jet". Another attempt by the Chinese Communist government to associate the joy of sex with military service. A very cute term though.

But honestly, I was not all that turned on, and neither was she. I didn’t want to connect emotionally with her, which I am apt to do while fucking and looking into someone’s eyes, so I pointed to the TV screen which was filled with the Japanese girl doing a great blowjob, and asked for that. She nodded, not all that committed to this experience, but proceeded with a perfectly serviceable blowjob. Not earthshattering, but pretty damn good technique. She had a method of slithering her tongue rapidly like a snake over the tip of my cock as she took it deeper into her mouth. Wet, good timing, effective stroke work. She asked if I wanted full service and I shook my head. Ah, she realized, I want to come in her mouth. She resigned herself to her fate, and prepared herself to take one for the team, just as I was doing for the sake of research for WSA. After about five or ten minutes of more decent BBBJ, I couldn’t hold out any longer and I came in her mouth quite handsomely. She was good, didn’t spit it out immediately, made sure I was happy and over the climax. I was happy with my experience, as depressing as the environment was. I felt sorry for this Mainland girl trapped by the Triads, so I tipped her HK$160. This seemed to cheer her up immensely. Anyway, here are my ratings, on a scale of 1-10:

Name: Yuen yuen

Place: some nameless brothel in Mong Kok

Face: 5

Hair: 5

Body: 5

Tits: 5 (B cup, but natural)

Ass: 5

Attitude: 5

Sexual Skills: 5

Tightness: ?

Oral skills: 7 (not a bad BBBJ)

Anality: 0

Kissing: 0

Overall: 5

Total price paid: US $45 + $20 tip

Now, onto the massage parlors, aka "saunas". There are LOTS of massage parlors in Hong Kong. If you want to see the interior of one, go see Rush Hour 2 with Jackie Chan. There’s a hilarious fight scene in a massage parlor, filled with two dozen of the hottest Asian girls I’ve ever seen. Anyway, the saunas are usually open all night, and a great place to get pampered and a "special", which is generally a handjob. With a Mainland massage, you might be able to upgrade to a blowjob or sneaky full service, but in general, you’ll get a pretty good deep tissue massage followed by a handjob.

Okay, I’ll provide a few photos to give you a sense of the scene. Here’s what the poster in front of a place will look like.


And this is a series of shots showing the inside of one of the more popular parlors, but not the one I went to.







Here’s what happened in my experience:

I went to the Princess Sauna, which is in the basement of the Miramar Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. I show up and they have me enter the dressing room to change. They put my clothes and valuables in a locker and give me the key on a wrist locket. I then shower and put on a robe and shorts and head for the lounge. In the lounge, you sit and watch a TV while waiting for your girl. You can have a drink or ask for a manicure, pedicure or ear cleaning. I opted for an ear cleaning, which is incredibly sensual, and was performed by a very attractive girl in the lounge for the total of HK$40. Then they led me to a massage room, which had windows to the hallways to insure that no funny business ever happens. (Obviously, Hong Kong has all sorts of zoning ordinances and laws to conform to!) Incidentally, photos are pretty tough to get away with inside, since you’re buck naked most of the time and everything is in your locker.

I ended up with a local Hong Kong girl named Carrie, who spoke reasonable English, was reasonably cute, and pretty well toned. Nice skin, eyes, hair. Typical Hong Kong girl. Anyway, the key is to buy the extra long 90 minute massage (HK$380-400), which is a signal that you want extras. You buy the 45 minute massage (saving you about HK$120), and you’re shit-out-of-luck, or may get a girl who won’t perform extras. A tip is required as well, for the girl, which may run between HK$200 and $400 for a handjob, depending on the attractiveness of the provider. Oral or FS will be even more. My girl was pretty attractive, so she told me her tip was HK$400, and she’d do something "special" for HK$600. She said it wasn’t a blow job, but that I’d like it, and that it was kind of a surprise. Okay, I signed up for the mystery gift…

Carrie then proceeded to dim the lights, a signal to others that she’s about to start up with the funny business, and then started kissing my nipples. Eventually, she tongue bathed every square inch of me, and ended up sucking and licking on my balls as she performed a very oily, slow, tortuous handjob. It was a very interesting sensation, and felt just like a blowjob actually. And just as I was about to pop my load, she stuck a finger up my rear end. Smart girl! The milking was slow and deliberate and skillful. I enjoyed myself!

Here are my ratings, on a scale of 1-10:

Name: Carrie

Place: Princess Sauna

Face: 7

Hair: 7

Body: 8

Tits: 6 (B cup)

Ass: 7 (very tone)

Attitude: 7

Sexual Skills: 8

Tightness: ?

Oral skills: 7 (not a BBBJ, but the closest you can get to the sensation)

Anality: 5

Kissing: 0

Overall: 7, a nice experience

Total price paid: HK$1050, or about US$140

Well, that’s it. Thanks for reading. Your comments and feedback on my ideas, writing style and this format would be greatly appreciated.

2001 JustJoe Productions


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